Why it is difficult to find out nudist partner or nudist friends online now?

Here are main possible reasons. What do you think of this? Please share your thoughts and comments

1. Less people enjoy the nudist lifestyle. Especial young people are not interested in this. And they always make this to sex related or porn related. Actually, it is not thing which young people think

2 There are more rules about being nude or naked on some states. Some States in United States have rules about being nude or being naked in public. And it caused some law problem. So it prohibit people to enjoy being nude, make people from being nude.

3. Some groups or owners give up this dating field since it does not make enough profits to support their maintain fee, they can not afford the hosting fee.

4. The app platform like google android, and apple store refuse to this kind of app. Nudists can not find any app related to this nudist lifestyle. It makes people feel frustrate Nudists have to use nudist dating sites like nudistpersonals.org now. It is a good nudist oriented site. Why not have a try.

Please share your thoughts and comments.

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